Russian Volume lash extensions

what are russian volume lash extensions?

Volume is the technique of applying two or more extensions per natural eyelash. This allows a trained lash artist to custom create almost any look desired by the client. Because of its versatility, the client can request anything from a subtle enhancement to a more dramatic look.


Similarly, volume has the power to remedy common lash complaints such as the natural lashes pointing down, too thin or too short. No matter which set our clients choose, they always walk away with a defined lash line and a light eyeshadow effect created by the wispy lashes.

frequently asked lash questions

  • You can! However, you should avoid high temperatures like a hot shower or hot yoga. Exposing your new extensions to these conditions such as steam, sauna, hot tub, could result in poor retention.
  • Clean your extensions and eyelids gently, as instructed by your lash technician, and use a designated lash cleanser. Oils from skin or cosmetics can get onto your extensions and break down adhesive otherwise. Failure to clean your lashes will not only result in poor retention, but the build-up of dirt can lead to poor retention and other problems.
  • It depends. Factors like your natural growth cycle, cosmetics, oily skin, sleeping on your side, hormonal changes, stress and more factors can affect retention. Generally, clients return around 3 weeks for a fill. Usually at this time, there are about half of the extensions remaining from the full set.  
  • Keep oil-based products away from direct contact with your extensions and limit the use of oil-based products on your face and hair as much as possible. Oil breaks down the lash adhesive. In some cases, it may be necessary to avoid oil-containing products altogether.
  • Always return to your technician for removal or let them grow out naturally. Never attempt to remove the extensions yourself.

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