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Russian Manicure

what is a russian manicure?

A dry manicure service done primarily with the e-file. The technician uses different bits to gently lift and buff away dead cuticle skin. It is finished by cutting away all dead skin with tiny scissors for a perfect “photoshopped” final product. The nails are finished with gel polish.

frequently asked nail questions

  • No! Gel doesn’t damage nails, bad nail techs damage nails.  The application process is very gentle and when removed properly leaves the nail looking strong and beautiful!
  • Our technician, Lisa, has received specialized Russian manicure training to ensure that the procedure is done in a safe, professional manner.  We sterilize all tools and equipment between every client and take nail health very seriously.
  • One of the benefits of Russian manicure is that by removing all the dead skin from the cuticle, we are able to paint the nail very very close to the cuticle. This extends the time before grown-out polish is obviously visible and helps to extend the life of your manicure. With regular use of cuticle oil between appointments, you will notice the skin around your nails is softer and happier!

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