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nails + Manicures

what happens when you get a manicure?

The nail is prepped with a light manicure to shape nails & remove any cuticle or dead skin. Polish is applied and if gel polish is chosen, it’s then cured in a UV/LED light and finished with a high gloss topcoat for strength. Lastly, the nail is re-hydrated with a light cuticle oil hand massage.


In addition to gel/shellac manicures we also offer russian manicures, regular nail polish manicures, and hand drawn nail art and designs!

frequently asked nail questions

  • No! Gel doesn’t damage nails, bad nail techs damage nails.  The application process is very gentle and when removed properly leaves the nail looking strong and beautiful!
  • This is not necessary. The nail is constantly growing and renewing so even if you have gel on for years, it’s not old nail underneath the polish.
  • Gel polish lasts 2-3 weeks depending on nail strength and lifestyle, gel nail enhancements last 3-4 weeks.

Put on a bandaid and call the salon to book a repair! If there has been a serious injury and there is blood/open wound we may have to remove any length and let the nail heal before repairing it.

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Manicures + Nail Art

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