Keratin lash infusion

what is a keratin lash infusion?

This type of lash lift is very different to traditional lash lifts. Keratin Lash Infusion™ (KLI) is the only TRUE keratin lash treatment on the market. It uses a patented technology where REAL keratin is infused into each lash increasing diameter of lashes by up to 40% while curling & lifting your lashes to look their longest. KLI is free from thyioglycolate, parabens & ammonia. 


Adding a lash tint is recommended to have much darker lashes to see the full effects of the lift & to not feel you still have to wear mascara.

frequently asked lash questions

  • We infuse the lashes with a cocktail of compatible peptides, vitamins, keratin & panthenol. It contains an extremely powerful hair strengthening complex that penetrates the hair shaft to increase moisture content & elasticity of the hair to lubricate & reinforce to cuticle. Peptides give the eyelashes more volume, ensuring optimal hair anchorage & longer, fuller, stronger lashes.
  • This treatment takes about 75-90 minutes.
  • Arrive eye makeup-free. We know sacrificing your mascara for a few hours is tough – but it’s worth it. For best results go eye make-up free for 12 hours before your appointment to avoid irritation to your eye area.

Your lash lift can last over 2 months with proper aftercare. If also having a tint, the tint may last up to 4-6 weeks, while still having the lash lift curl effects for up to 8-12 weeks.

You’ll need to remove your contact lenses prior to treatment, so please wear your eyeglasses or bring your contact lenses kit along.

Keep your lashes dry for 48 hours after. No swimming, sauna, steam room, hot yoga, or sad movies! This will help keep the lashes lifted as long as possible.

Nope.  With KERATIN LASH INFUSION™ we can guarantee 100% damage-free lashes. We do not use harsh chemicals. Our keratin-infused lash lift conditions, thickens, and lengthens your lashes.

Lash lifts may not be suitable for those who are pregnant, currently breastfeeding, have claustrophobia, or if you are unable to lie down for long periods of time. There is not necessarily any danger when pregnant or breastfeeding, but there are no current studies to approve of it 100% either.

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